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Re: What's the best way to backup to dvd?

Joe Hart wrote:

> I think you hit it on the head.  Because it's available.  One of the
> quirks of living in this liberal country is that it is _not_ illegal to
> download films and music from the internet.  Some loophole in the
> copyright law.

I always thought it was a strange dichotomy that I can't get media for free
off the internet, but I can go to the library and get the same thing that
way for free.  In both cases, the producers are not compensated...

> The politicians are too afraid of the backlash from the public if they
> try to fix it.  Keep in mind this is also a country where one can go to
> a coffeeshop.  For those of you who don't know what a Dutch Coffeeshop
> is, well....let's just say you don't find that they sell much coffee.

Dutch coffee shops are fun.  Vancouver, BC has at least one that I know of. 
Though you'd be hard pressed to find someone without coffee at that one
(then again, the four food groups here are beef, salmon, coffee and

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