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Re: configuring fetchmail, exim and mutt for remote access

On Wed, Feb 28, 2007 at 12:01:43PM -0800, Easthope wrote:
> Roberto Sanchez & others,
> At Thu, 25 Jan 2007 12:45:38 -050, Roberto Sanchez said,
> "Setup mutt on the machine and ssh in when
> you are travelling."
> It works as you outline.
> POP3 server, is on machine P.
> fetchmail, exim, mutt and ssh are on home machine, H.
> ssh is on mobile machine M.
> Also, thanks for explaining why the MAC 
> address can not not identify H to the world.
> I wonder about streamlining even further.
> Ie., run exim and mutt, or other MUA, on M 
> with M-exim communicating with H-exim by SMTP 
> tunnelled in TLS.  A message would travel 
> thusly.
>             SMTP
>    POP3    in TLS
> P =====> H ======> M-exim ===> M-MUA
> Any chance of this working?  Any tips on 
> configuring it before I waste too many 
> hours ... or days?

smtp is a push system. it has to go out and find the machine where you
want to send mail. this doesn't really work with a laptop or other
mobile situation as the destination keeps changing. I don't remember
the exact situation you were in, but what you have going now is
probably the most efficient one you could have. next step up for
convenience would be to setup IMAP and/or webmail.


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