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Re: OT

Ron Johnson wrote:

> On 02/27/07 15:45, Paul Johnson wrote:
>> Mike McCarty wrote:
>>> Paul Johnson wrote:
>>>> Julian De Marchi wrote:
>>>>> I use ms outlook at work, cause I am locked down to use it.
>>>> That doesn't make it a good idea to use it, it *does* make it a good
>>>> idea to encourage coworkers to use something other than email to
>>>> contact you until
>>>> that corporate mistake is fixed.  Failing that, better employment.
>>> You, like many Linuxistas, aren't very well connected to Reality.
>> Work uses an exchange server but doesn't mandate what we use as a client.
> You're lucky, then.  Most places, even if they don't *say* "Only
> Outlook", throw up too many hurdles to use anything else.

I'm also willing to take a less lucrative offer for a more comfortable work
environment.  There's something to be said about the ease of which one's
livelihood is made after all:  Why take a job that makes life miserable if
another will pay almost as well and give you some professional lattitude?

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