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Re: Newie questions about security

I think I will use shorewall so.

Thanks to all for helping with this decision.

On 28 feb, 18:10, "Roberto C. Sanchez" <robe...@connexer.com> wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 28, 2007 at 08:38:31AM -0800, Jordi wrote:
> > I hope to be able to grow in some time and be able to have more dsl
> > lines and servers runnig, but in the beginnig even if I don't earn or
> > ask for money I don't want to give a bad service to people, that is
> > why fear ddos. I will also buy a SAI to have electricity if I have a
> > small power cut.
> As you pointed out, firestarter is easier for the beginner.  However if
> you ever plan to have multiple DSL (or other types of lines) and need to
> manage traffic across the multiple lines, shorewall is probably the best
> way to do that.
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> -Roberto
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