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Re: OT

Joey is absolutely right, but the OT posters just keep going and going and going and in the process they are degrading the usefulness of this list.

Don't misunderstand me, I certainly don't mind OT posts now and then. Some are useful, some are amusing, and occasionally some are even intelligent. However, when the weigh of all the bullshit begins to overwhelm the list it's time to throttle back.

Unfortunately the hints to throttle back do not seem to be getting through to many of a select group who respond with disdain to any polite request for them to slow down.

Their mindset appears to be something like...

"I post a lot and that means I'm important so the rest of you can just go to hell and figure out how to block me"

Kind of childishly selfish for otherwise talented people.

Oh the other hand, over the many years I've been on this list, I've always found input from Joey Hess to be very valuable and IMHO his leaving would be a considerable loss.

Perhaps it's time for all of us to ask ourselves why Joey (and many others) feel that this list has become less useful over the last few years.


Joey Hess wrote:

I read this list because I feel that it's important that DDs are
available to help users with problems that other users may not
efficiently help them with. And I've been on this list long enough to
know that many of the people who hope to get help here do not have the
tools or experience in ignoring cruft that I have. If this list stops
being generally useful, I will find some other forum to help users in.

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