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Re: OT

Paul Johnson wrote:
> That doesn't make it a good idea to use it, it *does* make it a good idea to
> encourage coworkers to use something other than email to contact you until
> that corporate mistake is fixed.  Failing that, better employment.

    Come now, that's not always practical.  I'm locked into Lookout! at work
and I work in the IT dept!

> Also, go install Outlook Quotefix already if you're going to keep posting. 
> You're insanely hard to read when you insist on writing in random order.

    Same here.  What, you think corporate IT lets people install random
software willy nilly.  Be honest, would *you* let any joe blow download
anything off the net and install it on your corporate network.  Hell, at my
job I don't even have internet access to download anything.

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