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Re: Number of OT Posts

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On 02/26/07 17:26, Kamaraju S Kusumanchi wrote:
> Mike McCarty wrote:
>> I'm as loathe
>> as anyone to stifle any impetus to communicate here, but I'm
>> beginning to wonder whether the amount of posting on religion/
>> atheism, the price of gasoline, abortion, politics in general,
>> and other such topics isn't beginning to make the S/N ratio bad. It's
>> getting a little difficult to find the ON topic posts.
> Actually for me the problem is that I pay by the amount of bandwidth that I
> use. Believe it or not all these OT posts put together costs me money.
> I think the best way to deal with this (in a band width efficient manner) is
> to subscribe to this mailing list through gmane newsgroup interface and
> then use knode -> Scoring -> Ignore thread. That way I do not even download
> those posts.

That's an *excellent* idea.

I hate gmane (or maybe just it's web interface).  d-u is dual-ported
to news:linux.debian.user.  That's what I'd use.

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