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Re: latex (was Re: Ubuntu vs. Debian (was Re: Introduction))

* tom arnall <kloro2006@gmail.com> [070224 17:28]:
> On Saturday 24 February 2007 01:54, Chris Bannister wrote:
>>On Wed, Feb 21, 2007 at 11:45:09AM -0800, tom arnall wrote:
>>> what about a WYSIWIG which produces latex files? You rough out or
>>> do easy stuff with the wysiwig, then modify the latex files if
>>> there's stuff not easily handled by a wysiwig.

For text-only material of the general categories "letter", "report",
or "article" (that is, material for which there exists a standard
LaTeX "class" or template), there hardly is a quicker and easier way
to "do easy stuff" than to type or paste the material into a skeleton
document, then run "latex", "dvips", and "lpr" on the document.  

I often use this approach when I wish to save a copy of material which
is poorly-formatted on a web page.  By using a two-column format, I
end up with a compact and easy-to-read document.

This approach typically is quicker and easier than using OpenOffice,
for OpenOffice requires that headers, footers, page numbers, etc., be
added manually.  

The only problem occurs if you happen to be cutting and pasting from a
document which uses escape codes such as "\201c".  It is necessary to
replace these punctuation escape codes with the corresponding TeX
punctuation symbol.

The few minutes which are required to create a suitable skeleton
document for a particular LaTeX document class constitute a one-time
investment which quickly is repaid.


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