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Re: OT: sponge burning!

Andrew Sackville-West writes:
> I'm a very wildly-liberal guy and I'm all in favor of the draft.

Conscription is slavery.

> 1) it spreads the load throughout the population -- barring corruption,
> the Bush twins have just as much chance as any body else of ending up in
> the military. 2) we end up with a true citizen's army.

I was drafted.  You are wrong.

> This means we get better diversity in the military and frankly, since
> most of the current US military comes from the largely uneducated,
> desperate for a job crowd (no offense intended, but it is reality -- look
> at recruiting numbers and lowering standards), getting a broader
> cross-section is good.

Even with the "lowered standards" many of the guys I served with would not
be able to get in.

> ...we end up with a true citizen's army...

No.  You end up with a slave army with no morale.  I know.  I was there.

> ...which means more and more of the folks who end up in power have more
> at stake in a war situation -- either they've been there and understand
> or they know their kids might go.

Most of those now in power were subject to the draft.  Didn't work.

> I'm a pacifist and the best thing I can think of to promote peace is to
>make war hurt *everybody* and not just a certain slice of the population.

I'ma pacifist too but I know better than to propose solutions that ignore
fundamental features of human nature.  Give the politicians a slave army
and they will use it.
John Hasler

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