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Re: etch no wifi with ipw2200

Joey Hess ha scritto:
> Mirto Silvio Busico wrote:
>> The wifi network card is an intle pro and the ipw2200 module is
>> installed correctly (I can see it in lsmod)
>> I've added in interfaces all the possible iface (eth0 eth1 eth2 ath0 wlan0)
>> No one worked.
>> On the same machine, if I boot with a Kubuntu live, the wifi card works
>> perfectly.
>> The module loaded is ipw2200
>> The card shown in ifconfig is eth1 (in Etch eth1 is the standard lan card)
>> What can I do to activate wifi?
> ipw2200 needs firmware, which is available from
> http://ipw2200.sourceforge.net/firmware.php
> (As a general rule any time a network or especially wireless device
> doesn't work, go looking for the firmware).
I'm a little confused.
In my mind, loading (or upgrading) firmware in a device mean writinig
into the device something.
When loaded or upgraded the firmware stays into the device also if you
power off and on again the device.

If this is correct, the sequence I used:
    boot Etch: no wifi
    boot Kubuntu: wifi works (so I suppose, if the firmware is needed
the firmware id loaded)
    boot Etch: no wifi (and where has gone the firmware?)

should resolve any firmware problem

Can you explain more?



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