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Re: Install locations when not using .deb

Peter Teunissen wrote:

> I'm trying to install CloverETL [1], a java based ETL tool. It's not in
> the repository, and they don't provide a rpm or deb installer, only the
> java apps etc. in a zip file or the java source. That's fine with me,
> but I'd like to follow debian's guidelines on the FSH. I think I'm on
> the right track but would like to check two things:
> - should I use /usr/* etc. for this or is that reserved for .deb
> installs and should I use /usr/local/* instead?

Go with /usr/local/, or better yet, /opt/ instead.  Only worry about getting
fancy with the FHS if you're planning on packaging the software for
distribution, otherwise just stay clear of it and use /usr/local/ or /opt/

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