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Internet Dial-up Connection Setting

Hi everyone,

I have somewhat different problem. I use Lucent Dual Chipset modem which is on PCI
slot 1 (under XP) at COM3. Additionally I have Realtek RTL8139 family PCI Fast
Ethernet at NIC #1 & 2.

Last night I installed Debian and skipped to configure internet setting later. Later
when I tried, it gave error message 

"/etc/resolv.conf is missing. Create with appropriate read and write permission". I
dont know what this means, as I am new, and what should I do to configure and use

I tried

man resolv.conf

and from there I got the impression that either in the proporlly configured systems
does not need it, or there are certain "human readable" params that might need
fixing with proper values. I did 

vi resolv.conf

and there was nothing - completely empty. Could anyone tell me in little detail what
exactly I should be doing. Unable to get local expertise ont his matter made me to
turn to this community.

Thanks for understanding.

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