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Re: GFS to share one AOE partition on two servers

Le mardi 20 février 2007 17:47, Adrian Chapela a écrit :
> Hello,
> I want share a partition on two servers.
> Now I can't compile a pool.o module that is required by the documentation.
> Anyone knows how I can share a GFS partition on two servers. I don't
> want a cluster to serve data, I want a two mail servers and one storage
> on AOE blade, but I need to mount the partition on two servers, but I
> can't with ext3,reiserfs, etc. I need GFS or another Cluster file system

The choices are, from the easier to the hardest :
- ocfs (doesn't support much of things like acls...)
- gfs (needs RedHat Cluster Suite Infrastructure, now in Debian (lacks 
rgmanager and system-config-cluster))
- distributed filesystem like PVFS, Coda, OpenAFS, Lustre (I recently read 
that it is/will be now in Debian...)

> Anyone tells me some thing?? Anyone uses this system in a production
> environment ??

Not for the moment...

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