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Re: about audacity and sound recording on Linux

Andrew Sackville-West wrote:
On Mon, Feb 19, 2007 at 07:14:00PM -0500, H.S. wrote:
marcus.blumhagen@web.de wrote:

3. On a machine, I exported a portion of the captured audio to a wav file (basically, saved a portion of the input). I then transfered it to my home computer running Debian. While that sound wave file was shown between +1 and -1 in the original machine, on my home machine is was being shown between +0.5 and -0.5 in audacity. What gives?
How did you transfer the WAV? Did you do any more processing to it?
Was it burnt to CD and maybe normalized on the fly?
I exported as wav from aucacity, transfered it to my home computer (via scp) and opened that wav file in audacity. I don't think there any kind of processing going on during the exporting the au file to wav.

what if you open the wav on the original machine. does it also show
the lower levels? or not?

Very interesting point. It is showing the audio wave between +-0.5 there as well (on the machine). I wonder how this came about to be.


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