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Re: Firefox/Iceweasel's weird close/quit behaviour

KS wrote:

Long time ago Firefox used to behave like a normal Linux application
with regards to keyboard shortcuts to close/quit the application.
However, somewhere during the 1.5.x release or with 2.0, the Ctrl+Q does
not do anything. Ctrl+W closes one tab at a time only and Ctrl+Shift+W
quits the application (with more than 1 tabs open also).

As per 'File' menu Ctrl+Q does nothing in FF/IW as opposed to Seamonkey (Ice-whatever) where it *does* close the app as advertised.


Why is it that it does not follow the *normal* keyboard shortcut of
Ctrl+Q for quitting the application? All the applications that I used
with either KDE or GNOME have Ctrl+Q as the shortcut to quit
application. Am I missing something while expecting that Firefox should
also behave like the others on Linux at least?


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