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Re: Email receiving problems

On Mon 2007-02-19 21:35:37 -0600 Kelly wrote:

> I am working with a test box trying to get a test environment running to 
> switch from Solaris to Debian. 
> I am having a problem with my email.  I am running 'Postfix' SMTP 
> server.  I am running the 'Courier IMAP' server.  I can send email just 
> fine.  When I am receiving email there is a problem.  The email is 
> supposed to go to the 'maildirs' directory in the home folders for the 
> users.  Problem is the email goes to the /var/mail/$username directory.
> Anyone have an idea of what I did wrong?

Without seeing your configuration I can only guess but, if you haven't
changed the default configuration, you should only need to add
'home_mailbox = Maildir/' to main.cf.  Change 'Maildir' to suit the name
of the users home mail directory.  Note the trailing forward slash on
the mailbox name as this tells postfix to deliver in maildir format.

If this doesn't work, post the output of the command 'postconf -n' which
will show where your config deviates from default.

David Hart <debian@tonix.org>

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