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Re: PCMCIA cards in laptops: do they need to be mounted/unmounted when installed/removed?

Ken Heard <ken@heard.name>:
>  Thanks everyone for the replies.  If I understand them correctly, the
>  situation is as follows:

Very good, however:

>  Sure enough, I found a directory called /dev/hde1.  By creating 
>  directory /media/pccfcard and running "mount -t vfat /dev/hde1 
>  /media/pccfcard" I had complete access to the cf card.  I then added an 
>  appropriate line to /etc/fstab, which I will test after the next time I 
>  boot my laptop.

No need to wait.  Very few things in Unix/Linux require a reboot to
take effect.  From a prompt:

   mount /media/pccfcard

should work right away, or tell you why it didn't.

>  I also noticed that pccardctl includes the commands insert and eject. 
>  Since the cards can be hot inserted and removed, I wonder why have these 
>  two commands.

So the hotplug/udev systems could do it for you.  cardctl showed up a
long time before hotplug and udev did.

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