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Re: When you're a rank noob (was Re: Old Computer Parts)

On Monday 19 February 2007 09:26, Hans du Plooy wrote:
> > Then that's what you say at the beginning of your email. :)
> >
> > These two quotes are guaranteed to garner sympathy:
> >   "I'm a noob and I don't know enough to know where to begin
> >   to look."
> >   "Internet access is flaky, slow and expensive."
> Differs from list to list, I guess.  In the days when I was still
> learning Red Hat, just being a noob meant you were flamed,
> regardless.  The unwritten rule regarding noobs seemed to be:
> Flame
> Flame
> Flame
> Read his question
> Flame
> If he's still on the list, tell him to RTFM (even if he already has)
> Flame some more

I found that to be the case with most Linux groups as recently as 2000 
to about 2002.  Somewhere around 2001 I started using Mandrake, found 
it did what I needed, had an all-in-one control center I could use 
while learning how to edit all the separate config files, and the 
people there actually helped newbies (sorry, I just can't get used 
to "noob" it just sounds so dorky).  I spent a few years on Mandrake 
and moved to Libranet, but was driven away by some policies on their 
mailing list.  By then Sarge was out and I had learned enough to easily 
handle Debian -- and the nasty attitude of "You're new, and I'm 10x 
more intelligent than you, so I want to be a brain bully, so flame, 
flame, flame, rtfm, flame" was gone by then.


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