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Re: any recomendedations of documentation for half a dozen services.

On (19/02/07 10:18), Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:

> > exim4
> Personally, I would recommend Postfix instead.  If you choose Postfix,
> there is tons of good documentation on the Postfix website.

Hi Roberto

I've always used exim since using debian, primarily because it is the
default.  Why would you recommend postfix?  I've looked at it
occasionally and I've done a few Ubuntu installs including on my
workstation.  However, I've felt reluctant to use it on servers on the
basis of 'the devil you know'.

When I first started using exim it was pretty bewildering and I bought
the book in the belief that it is useful to know the default Debian MTA.
Is there any likelihood that Postfix becomes the default?



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