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[Debian-User] Xen and a local mirror or a R/W DVD

I really like the idea passed on to me of getting the entire 14 disk ETCH (older and therefore stable) distribution on a R/W DVD where the first DVD contains the installer. Apparently, this approach using the appropriate package management calls will allow that same R/W DVD to be automatically updated. Another person advocating this approach indicated that I could use the ISO files instead of creating a mirror of the POOL (directory having the latests release, testing, and others) packages.However, I like the idea but it may have a flaw which I detail further on near the bottom.

Since I don't have my high speed Internet connection yet (could be months yet) perhaps I could pay someone to construct and mail me such a package. Yes, I will pay but whoever wants to do this needs to commit to a fixed shipping fee because this sounds like a custom approach not available normally. Note also, that such an effort should be in US dollars -- I am out here in the cold in a place called Northern Alberta, Canada some 63 miles NE of the capital city of Edmonton, Alberta.

Failing that, I may have to find someone in the LUG in Edmonton that would do this task. But this is not easily arranged unless someone knows a specific person with the suitable knowledge, time, and interest to do this on my behalf.

Note: We are talking about an older and therefore stable ETCH distribution consisting of the entire set (yes I know I only need the first few CDs) but I want it all -- all 14 or so and on DVDs and these DVD's must be both READ and WRITE. When I get the high speed interface then I can download the updates myself perhaps using the ISO images but for now the proposed idea is two use the one set of R/W DVDs that can provide the initial installation and also allow for the periodic upgrade. I'm not sure that the "upgrade" suggestion will work because to work would involve (for just one package) a possible disturbance in one complete DVD and maybe two depending upon the location of the package and the free space on the DVDs.

Some comments on this would be appreciated.

Nevertheless, I will still be going ahead with my Local LAN POOL archive once I have the high speed interface.

Thanks, Ted
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