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Re: new installation : cannot login

Joe Hart wrote:
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andy wrote:
Hi all

I have just installed Deb Etch onto my wife's computer, preserving her
pre-existing /home directory.

The installation was flawless until I went to go and login as her and am
being denied access at the gdm login screen. The messages refer to the
$HOME/.dmrc saying that it will be ignored, and that the $HOME directory
must be owned by the user and have 644 permissions and not writable by
other users. Click OK and then I get a dialog box informing me that my
session lasted less than 10 seconds. When I look at the
~/.xsession-errors file I am informed that it cannot create the per-user
gnome configuration directory .gnome2_private: permission denied.

In a word: help!
Did I do something wrong or did I skip out a step? When I installed my
Debian system I didn't try and preserve a pre-existing /home directory.
I am scared of fiddling just in case I toast her data (in which case,
I'll be toast!!).

Any ideas please?



Andy, don't despair. the data is still there.

Most likely it is either a userid problem or a permissions problem.

Log in from a tty (alt-F1 for example) as root.

Depending on which distro you ran before, it could be a userid problem.
 Debian users begin at userid 1000 but not all do.  Mandriva for example
begins with 500.  If you're root and do a ls -la /home you should see
the owners, if it's a number and not a name, that's your clue.  In that
case you need to change the owner of her /home directory to her with the
chown command.  If the permissions are wrong, you can change them with
the chmod command.

Good luck.


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Thanks man - you are a bacon saver!!
I did as you suggested and discovered that it was all 500, so chown'd the directory and have now logged in

Thanks so much Joe

Much appreciated


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