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Re: multicore gizmos

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On 02/17/07 08:43, ?ukasz Andrzejak wrote:
>>> On 02/16/07 17:16, pinniped wrote:
> You might have been happy with a simple console 10 years ago,

Console?  You mean "terminal"?

> software anymore. Most people don't - they don't need to. Its
> cheaper to throw more hardware at it, then to optimize. Once
> multicore processors will be the standard, i expect an operating 
> system that does dozens of things at the same time, with no lag
> whatsoever. As linux handles multicore cpu's pretty well today, i
> think the main changes will occur inside desktop enviroments such
> as KDE or GNOME. Today i have at least a couple of terminals and
> at least 4 GUI apps running at the same time, on different

While most of us have many windows open at the same time, how many
of them are actually *doing* anything?

Sure, the primary window that you are typing in (which takes 0.0001%
of the CPU) or viewing motion video (flash, AVI, etc) (which also
depends on the power of your GPU), how much is happening in
background windows?  How often to people watch one movie while
ripping/transcoding another?  (And since most people have 1 HDD, the
bottleneck is the IO channel.)

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