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Re: Install Debian testing distribution

Haven't use this but worth checking it



On 2/16/07, Michael M. <mcubed@slashmail.org> wrote:
On Thu, 2007-02-15 at 18:25 -0800, rocky wrote:

> 4, What if I want install FreeBSD as the third Operating system on my
> laptop? What is the best partition plan?

One thing to consider regarding your partitions is that you will be
dealing with some file-system incompatibility.  Windows, by default,
uses NTFS; both Debian and FreeBSD can access NTFS partitions and read
data just fine, but write support is not necessarily as reliable.  If
you think you are going to want to copy data to your NTFS partition(s)
from either Debian or FreeBSD, you should read up on the techniques and
limitations of that process before you lay out your partitions.

With Debian, you have a lot of file-system choices.  For a triple-boot
scenario, the best bet is probably ext3, which is stable and the most
widely supported.  But again, you should read up on the options and
decide what's best for your needs.

FreeBSD uses UFS (or UFS+ or UFS2, something like that) by default and
unfortunately there is no support for reading from or writing to that
file-system from Windows or Debian.  You will be able to access your
NTFS (Windows) and ext3 (Debian) partitions from FreeBSD, at least to
read from them if not to write to them, but unless things have changed,
your UFS (FreeBSD) partitions will not be accessible from either Windows
or Debian.

Basically, you need to think carefully about where you want what data,
or you may find yourself rebooting multiple times throughout the day
because such-and-such a file that you need is in a place where you can't
get to it or can't edit it from where you happen to be.

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