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Re: [Fwd: Re: Writer Processor (was Re: Ubuntu vs. Debian ...)]

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On 02/11/07 18:41, Greg Folkert wrote:
> On Sun, 2007-02-11 at 15:39 -0500, Miles Fidelman wrote:
>> Ron Johnson wrote:
>>> What do you need in a WP?  Academic features (formal citations,
>>> embedded graphics, TOC, index, etc), movie/theater formating,
>>> something I haven't thought of?
>> Just to add another voice.   Some of us have to exchange documents with 
>> people who use Word - particularly in work settings, and features like 
>> change tracking,
> Change tracking in word is a horrible feature. It makes the documents
> about 170% larger after each set of changes. You ever seen a 3 page
> specification document 90MB+ in size? I have. It was horrible. Someone
> could easily turn off revision control and you would lose eveyrthing
> except the current revision when saved.

Needing to run a cvs or svn server to access documents just won't
fly with 99.9% of the computing world.

Besides, seeing people's versions and revisions all together on the
page is darned useful.  Even if MS implemented it poorly.

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