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KDE peculiarities and questions

I have KDE installed on all three of the boxes my spouse and I use.  The
box with Sarge installed, a P4 desktop, uses KDE 3.3.?; whereas the
other two, one a P3 desktop and the other a P2 Tecra 8000 Toshiba
laptop, have Etch, which uses KDE 3.5.5.  The latter has some nice new
features, but I have also run into four peculiarities.

1.	On the P3 desktop only, the panel displays the taskbar three times.
Once is surely enough.  I tried to fix it by purging KDE and
reinstalling it, to no avail.  Any ideas on what I can do to remove this

2.	Also on the P3 desktop only, I want to use the system mouse cursor
themes; but any options I select from Peripherals>Mouse>Cursor Theme
window of the KDE Control Centre are never installed, even after
rebooting.  It seems that I am stuck with a Gnome mouse cursor theme no
matter what I do.  On the laptop, where I purged Gnome, this cursor
theme option works.  Should I purge Gnome from the desktop as well?

3.	On both the laptop and desktop I seem to be stuck with the Gnome
login manager.  Selecting options in the System Administration>Login
Manager of the KDE control manager are not implemented.  Is there file
somewhere I can substitute the KDE login manager for the Gnome one?  I
have already made kdm the default display manager.  By running
update-alternatives I made startkde the default x-session-manager,
konsole the default x-terminal-emulator and kwin the default

4.	On both the laptop and the desktop I would like to remove the Trash
icon but cannot find a way to do so.  I don't like any icons on the
desktop; they spoil my slide show.

	Help will be appreciated.


				Ken Heard

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