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Re: Very disturbing feature in icedove

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On 02/11/07 11:47, Fabian (Lists) wrote:
> Dave Sherohman wrote:
>> On Sat, Feb 10, 2007 at 02:30:33PM +0000, Virgo Pärna wrote:
>>>     To make Thunderbird/Icedove to really delete those messages you can use 
>>> File, Compact Folders and you can specify configuration option "Compact 
>>> folders when it will save over XXX kB" (you can also specify specific amount
>>> of disk space).
>> Oh, I see.  "Compact" means "really delete the messages that I said to
>> delete, but are actually just marked as deleted, not physically deleted".
>> How incredibly obvious.
>> I think I'll side with the people who think this obscure use of the word
>> "compact" is a bug in IceDove (and just continue using mutt).
> There is an extension [1] for thunderbird/icedove which provides a
> toolbar button to purge the pseudo-deleted messages. Funny that one
> needs to install a third-party extension for such a basic function...

> Still like thunderbird for my desktop ;) Compared to most of the other
> click-me-MUAs it's one of the usable ones for me.

More featureful than Sylpheed (which is what I'd choose on a small
GUI system), less fat than Evolution.

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