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Re: Emacs-snapshot and freetype

On Mon, 2007-02-12 at 00:04 +0800, Vladimir wrote:
> I'm using Debian (unstable) and emacs-snapshot (gtk version) on work. I 
> tried to use truetype font for UI but seems that emacs-snapshot does not 
> use freetype. I can compile emacs from CVS with freetype support but 
> this is inconvenient for me (for example, if I do 'apt-get dist-upgrade' 
> _my_ build will be upgraded with emacs-snapshot version without freetype 
> support). May be I something missing, and there is emacs-snapshot 
> (unstable branch) with freetype support?

I have been using the package source from here, http://debs.peadrop.com/
to compile emacs-snapshot with XFT support. I simply increase the
version number to avoid them being updated. (You could also use hold).

Sven Arvidsson
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