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Re: AMD64 Kernel Image in Etch

On Fri, Feb 09, 2007 at 11:27:46AM -0500, Grok Mogger wrote:
> >>I'm hoping to get a new AMD Athlon 64 processor, and I'm a little 
> >>concerned that I can't identify the proper linux-image package 
> >>(planning on using etch).
> 1)  The reason I don't find the amd64 linux-images when I search 
> with aptitude is because aptitude is not showing me packages for 
> a 64-bit processor because my current system uses a 32-bit 
> processor, correct?
> 2)  I'm actually building an entirely new system.  So I will be 
> reinstalling everything.  =)  So I can safely assume that the 
> installer will auto-detect my AMD Athlon 64 and pick the right 
> linux-image for me, right?

Read the installation manual first.  Etch has a _lot_ more options
compared to Etch.  E.g. I'm running LVM on raid1 for all but /home and
my swap is encrypted.  All set up from within the installer.


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