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Re: Remastering LiveCDs - how to keep unnecessary data out

On Thu, 08 Feb 2007 15:15:49 -0500, Juergen Fiedler wrote:

> I would like to remaster a Debian based live CD (grml - www.grml.org,
> in this case) by copying the system from the squashfs image, chrooting
> to it, making the necessary modifications and squashing the resulting
> system back up. 
> It works nicely enough [...]

grml, yeah, good choice. 

> what other files and directories can I leave out of the squashfs to
> make the whole thing a bit smaller?

>From my personal archive:

A 'clean-up' script called 'remaster-clean' will be included with this
how-to. It is based on the original script by Klaus Knopper but
modifications by several users have been incorporated as well as comments to
help the neophyte understand what it is doing. It does not restore all
config files to default values nor does it remove /home/knoppix. I have set
it up this way because it leaves the HD install which I am using as a source
intact after making the remaster.

WARNING: This script has been successfully tested but as usual there are no
guarantees it will work on your system. It should give slightly smaller file
size than the basic cleanup outlined above since it removed expanded manpage
files, etc. but be prepared for possible problems.

retrieved from 
less than a year ago. 

check out the rest there. 

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