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Re: Debian shutdown

Hi Francis!

On Thu, 08 Feb 2007, Francis Healy wrote:

> gunnar <gunnar.sjoo@wp.pl> wrote:          I've carried out a
> network-installation of debian-31r4-i386-netinst.iso and my
> problem is that I cannot shut it down. The only way of shutting it
> down seems to be to press the Reset-button, choose my
> Windows-partition in GRUB and carry out the shutdown from Windows.
> Thank God for my Windows-partition, without it I would have to
> pull the plug to shut down Debian. Can anybody tell me a better
> way of shutting down Debian?  

> Gunnar Sjöö 'shutdown -h now'
> doesn't work? 

He is probably talking about the system not powering off after a
shutdown. I think one post already said that he can power off the
system by holding the power button in for a couple of seconds until
it powers off.

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