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Re: iceweasel not being recognized by ISP website

On Sun, Feb 04, 2007 at 03:03:13PM -0500, Michael Pobega wrote:
> Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:
> >Douglas Allan Tutty wrote:
> >>On Sun, Feb 04, 2007 at 10:39:51AM -0500, Michael Pobega wrote:
> >>>Ottavio Caruso wrote:
> >>>>--- Kamaraju Kusumanchi <kamaraju@bluebottle.com> wrote:
> >>>>>In such a case, should I tell my friend "dont apply for jobs with
> >>>>>capitalone as they use a website which is not compatible with 
> >>>>>iceweasel?"    
> >>>>Yes, you should!
> >>>> 
> >>>If you keep a company like that going by pumping new blood into it 
> >>>you'll just end up seeing more companies like them, and before you 
> >>>know it there will be no more standard compliant business sites 
> >>>anywhere on the internet.
> >>
> >>Kant's Categorical Imperitive.  On a linux mailing list. 
> >I thought I'd never see the day 8-)
> I really don't see what's wrong with believing in something. All I'm 
> saying is that companies like MS are catching on, and being paid to do 
> things like this. The Debian way is the opposite of companies like that, 
> and you're telling me I'm wrong for having these viewpoints on a 
> *Debian* mailing list.
> I'm not saying to be out of work because you don't agree with a company, 
> but I think more people should be passionate for what they believe in. I 
> didn't think people here would be so prone to jump on me for just 
> stating my opinion on something.

You may have misinterpreted my observation as criticism.  It was,
instead, high praise.  None of the standard emotives [ :-) ] seemed

There's nothing wrong with not being employed by a company because you
don't agree with the company.  In some professions, its a professional
duty to not work for such a company.  It follows that if there are _no_
employers with whom you agree then there is a mismatch between your
morals and the wider culture in which you find yourself.  You would then
be a refugee of concience.  Hopefully, your country is large and diverse
enough to have a multitude of culture from which to choose in which to
immerse yourself. (I'm Canadian Eh?)


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