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Re: Default firewall in etch

Chris Bannister wrote:
On Thu, Feb 01, 2007 at 09:40:42AM -0500, celejar wrote:
On 1/31/07, Marc D Ronell <mronell@alumni.upenn.edu> wrote:

What is Etch using as its default firewall?  How do I change that
firewall's settings?
As others have pointed out, no firewall is configured by default.
Iptables is the kernel code that provides packet filtering but isn't
in and of itself a firewall; all firewall packages in linux, AFAIK,
are programs / scripts that create iptable rule sets for you. As you

AIUI, iptables *is* the firewall. Shorewall provides scripts which create
rules. Not sure what Guarddog/Smoothwall etc do but I'm guessing they do
much the same thing.

So a firewall is a "set of rules + iptables"? When is a firewall not a
firewall? :-) Or are we "splitting hairs"?

Realistically anything that blocks any kind of incoming our outgoing traffic is a firewall. So under that criteria, iptables /is/ a firewall as much as Agnitum Outpost and (God forbid, but it's true) AOL's firewall.

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