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Re: Default firewall in etch

On 1/31/07, Marc D Ronell <mronell@alumni.upenn.edu> wrote:


What is Etch using as its default firewall?  How do I change that
firewall's settings?

As others have pointed out, no firewall is configured by default.
Iptables is the kernel code that provides packet filtering but isn't
in and of itself a firewall; all firewall packages in linux, AFAIK,
are programs / scripts that create iptable rule sets for you. As you
have seen from other replies, Shorewall is the list favorite (I
recommend it too). Guarddog and Firestarter are GUIs and perhaps
easier to set up (although as others have mentioned, Shorewall has
great docs in the shorewall-doc package), but not as flexible and of
course can't be used from the cli.


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