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away from my mail

Prof. Jacome will be unavaiable due to health reasons.

For matters concerning ECE Graduate Admissions please contact the ECE Graduate Program Coordinator at blevittch@mail.utexas.edu.

For matters concerning ECE Graduate Advising and GSC please contact ECE Graduate Program Coordinator Melanie Guilick at melanie.gulick@mail.utexas.edu and if necessary Prof. Neikirk  at neikirk@mail.utexas.edu

For matters concerning undergraduate advising, foreign students or undergraduate mentorship, please contact Prof. Pearce at  jpearce@mail.utexas.edu

For any other administrative matters please contact Margarida's administrative assistants Charlotte Harris (EDGE) at charlotte.harris@edge.utexas.edu,and Debbie Prather (CERC) at dprather@cerc.utexas.edu; or Diana Perez at the office of the ECE Dept.Chair at diana.perez@mail.utexas.edu -- as appropriate.

For non administrative matters: Margarida will may not be reading email regularly, so if you have something that can not wait please contact Prof. de Veciana at gustavo@ece.utexas.edu. 

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