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Re: old hardware, newer Debian

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On 02/03/07 00:50, Mike McClain wrote:
>> s. keeling <keeling@spots.ab.ca> said:
>> Mike McClain <mike.mcclain@nowhere.net>:
>>>  I just installed sarge on a box I've happily been running woody on
>>>  for 5 years and find I can't run X cause the Trident tvga 9800b
>>>  chipset is no longer supported in the xserver-xfree86 v4.3. Any
>> Try the svga driver.  I'm using a PCI Matrox card, development of
>> which was stopped long ago.  svga driver picked up the slack and it
>> works beautifully.
>     Pardon the typo, the board is a Trident tvga 8900b, sometimes my 
> fingers seem lisdexic.
>     I've tried 'dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86' with many different
> combinations.
>     I've tried xf86config, xf86config and xdebconfigurator.
> I've started over and done a full re-install on another partition,
> thinking my minimul install might have missed something critical.
>     Not once have I seen a chance to select svga. 
> Vga and vesa yes but not svga. 
>     Can you tell me what package gives you that functionality?
> My board predates vesa hence doesn't answer properly and I get a black
> screen, that's the case with the latest install now and it's booting 

Whoa, that's an *old* card.

If it's a PCI card, then you should be able to buy a cheap newer one
off eBay.

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