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Work to do: was godammit

This is terribly embarrassing.  First let me apologize for the 'godammit' post.
The problems are real enough, but this particular list was meant more as
a checklist than anything else and was not supposed to be sent anywhere.  Gotta be more careful.

That having been said, let us deal with the problems.  I would guess
that the first order of business would be to upgrade to Etch, which I
assume is Debian 3.more-than-one or 4.something.

I further assume that pointing /etc/sources.list at the relevant
location, and I am not certain what that location might be although it
shouldn't be too difficult to figure out, than apt-get update followed
by apt-get upgrade would do it, perform the change from 3.1 to whatever.

If I am correct, then that is what I will try.

Also, I am not new to computers or, for that matter, to confusing
documentation.  Years ago I programmed an IBM/360-75 mainframe using the OS os
and a Control Data 6600 using MASTER (Multi Access Shared Time Executive Routine. I just used it, I didn't name it).

Thanks to all who offered help.

The reason I am not responding through the boards is trouble with the set-up.  Whether on my end or my provider, I am not yet certain.

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