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Re: XML editor wanted!

If you want Whizzbang, Wizard style, auto-magic crap, then why use a
powerful OS?

I use vim when learning a language and then usually try to find power
tools ( auto-magic ) to speed up rote tasks once I know what I'm
doing.  From my point of view, and learning style, and obsessive
compulsion to know every detail of anything I work with, I must do
learning phases on tools like VIM.  One of my current pet peeves are
"tutorials" that, while introducing you to a new technology, toss in
something like Maven for the build of the intorductory tutorial.

However, once I know the details well, I am getting paid by the hour,
so I'm not going to pass up auto-magic if I can find it.  I'm quite
skeptical about auto-magic in the hands of the unitiated.  Which
reminds me of my pique against Maven as a build in an intorduction to
XXX.  Maven's great for hiding the details and simplifying the build
process, but you kind of need to learn the details of building most
technologies if you're going to learn them.

Anyhow, I vote for VIM and Eclipse+MAGIC_PLUGIN_XXX, utilized in the
right manner.  But that's just the way I do it.

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