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Re: very small linux box

Andrew Critchlow wrote:
Hi everyone,
I am after a very small linux/debian pc. I want something like a laptop with a keyboard & screen but of really small size. (Maybe PDA size) Anyone know if one of these is available? thanks

I'd like to suggest the Archos PMA4XX. I have an "original" and am quite pleased with it.

One "minor" problem: I can't find it on the Archos site any more, so it may be discontinued. In any case, some details follow.


Linux/Qtopia based system:

    Arm CPU, 80 MHz
    64MB RAM
    30GB hard disk
    USB 2.0 connection to host, as VFAT hard disk
    USB 1.0 peripheral connection - USB/Ethernet, USB keyboard, USB
            CF card reader
    wireless networking - not very strong, and for my system, only WEP
            encryption (so I don't use the wireless ;(
    Video/Audio recording/playback, with "cradle" which has IR control
            to connect to recorder (VCR, ??) allowing auto recording
            of TV programming
    Full set of PDA utilities - contacts list, calendar, ...
    Email, web browser (Opera) other apps available from The Kompany.com
            such as FTP client

Some of the above mentioned software may be part of the Qtopia environment and so would be common to any Qtopia based system.

Also, KDE PIM has a sync feature that is supposed to allow connecting with Qtopia apps (but I haven't yet figured out exactly how it works).

Archos sells a number of peripherals for this device: the USB/Ethernet adapter, keyboard, CF card reader are all extras.

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