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Re: XML editor wanted!

On Fri, 2 Feb 2007 16:04:29 +0100, Wim De Smet <kromagg@gmail.com> said: 

> On 2/1/07, Johannes Graumann <johannes_graumann@web.de> wrote:
>> Hi there,

> Hi.

>> Am crawling through the web on a search for a proper XML editor,
>> that makes life easier and speaks XSD ... got suckered into a trial
>> license of oxygen for Eclipse ... and am loving it ...  Desperation
>> takes over: is there no NICE XML editor that's licensed compatibly
>> with the Debian guidelines?

> What are you looking for? I think most people use emacs and vim for
> xml editing (you might have to look about a bit for getting in the
> right 'mode' in emacs, maybe install a script or two for vim). These
> do the basic stuff such as syntax highlighting and automatic
> creation of close-tags. You can run some validation tool from inside
> them usually to see errors (and possibly jump to them).

Package: psgml
Description: An Emacs major mode for editing SGML documents.
 PSGML is a major mode for the editor Emacs used for editing SGML
 documents.  It contains a simple SGML parser and can work with any
 DTD. (The most popular nowadays are the HTML DTDs.  This package
 turns your emacs into the one of most powerful HTML editors and will
 be ultimately flexible as well, since you could upgrade your editor
 by just installing new DTDs).  Functions provided includes menus and
 commands for inserting tags with only the contextually valid tags,
 identification of structural errors, editing of attribute values in a
 separate window with information about types and defaults, and
 structure based editing.

 Since psgml parses the DTD to allow you to edit SGML documents, you do
 need to have the DTDs installed in order to use psgml.  Since psgml
 installs itself as an HTML mode in Emacs, it depends on sgml-data.  Some
 other packages which also provide SGML DTDs are suggested, like
 debiandoc-sgml and linuxdoc-sgml.

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