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Re: XML editor wanted!

On 2/1/07, Johannes Graumann <johannes_graumann@web.de> wrote:
Hi there,


Am crawling through the web on a search for a proper XML editor, that makes
life easier and speaks XSD ... got suckered into a trial license of oxygen
for Eclipse ... and am loving it ...
Desperation takes over: is there no NICE XML editor that's licensed
compatibly with the Debian guidelines?

What are you looking for? I think most people use emacs and vim for
xml editing (you might have to look about a bit for getting in the
right 'mode' in emacs, maybe install a script or two for vim). These
do the basic stuff such as syntax highlighting and automatic creation
of close-tags. You can run some validation tool from inside them
usually to see errors (and possibly jump to them).

Eclipse seems to have a bunch of xml plugins, usually a bunch of open
source ones too. I have never used oxygen (which is named a bit too
similar to doxygen) so I'm not sure what you're looking for.


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