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Re: OT MySQL and PostgreSQL

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On 02/01/07 22:19, Paul E Condon wrote:
> The recent heated discussion as to the relative merits of MySQL and
> PostgresSQL reminded me of a question that I want to ask of RDBMS
> experts, particularly experts who are willing to take a clear
> position. Namely, what do you think of the work of C. J. Date? He
> rejects SQL, as far as I can tell. Is there any support for this
> position in the real world?  Or in the academic world? What of
> his objection to null 'values'? How does this play out when doing
> mission critical DB? Does it matter? Or are there standards 
> techniques for avoiding any need for nulls? 
> I look forward to reading an interesting discussion.

"SQL" isn't a complete/correct "expression" of relational algebra.
So, it can't express the full power of Codd/Date's theories.

As to support for this position in the real world, there's not much,
if any; SQL is Good Enough For Most Uses.  As for nulls, I don't see
a problem with them.  In fact, I think you need them, in order to
describe "unknown" data.  Non-DBMS systems make you use a "special
value", but if any bit of data actually has that "special value",
you're hosed.

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