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Re: light-weight rescue live CD?

Le jeudi 11 janvier 2007 05:13, Douglas Tutty a écrit :
> I'm running Etch amd64 and this is my first box without a floppy drive.
> On previous boxes I've used Woody's boot floppies and some extra
> utilities disks I've made to cobble together a text-mode rescue setup on
> a ram disk.

Pay extreme attention at this :

You cannot chroot to a 64bit arch from a 32bit one.
You need at least a 64bit kernel, I don't know if all userland have to bee 
64bits, perhaps chroot itself...

I liked RIP (Recovery Is Possible) but there isn't a 64 bit version...

You can still use the netinst CD, typing "rescue" at boot.

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