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Re: boot + lvm ?

Le mardi 16 janvier 2007 14:24, Stephane Durieux a écrit :
> Hello,
> I encounter a problem using lvm and lilo.
> On standart install, everythings works despite the boot partition is on a
> logical volum.
> But when I try to make a custom kernel and then run a lilo, I get the
> following message: device-mapper: table ioctl failed: No such device or
> address
> Fatal: device-mapper: dm_task_run(DM_DEVICE_TABLE) failed

LVM only installs used to work, with lilo as the bootloader, but since ~kernel 
2.6.17+udev, it does not anymore.
Read the full history here :

I had the surprise one day, with my workstation, it could not boot after a 
kernel upgrade (I was following etch/testing).
I had to repartition an create a separate /boot.
I do that systematically since, 100Mo as the first partition. So that I can 
use grub again, which is less dangerous.

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