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Re: insurance software

On Thu, Feb 01, 2007 at 05:55:34PM +0100, Manuel Souto Pico wrote:
> Kev, what are monitary bounties?

If the free software world, there are websites where you can advertise
something you would like for someone to do. In this case, make an
insurance program. And you then say what you may be willing to pay for
it. There might be other people who would also like to see such a
program and those folks might want to add more money to your 'bounty' to
make it more attractive to a programmer. There may also be the
expectation that this work would be put under a free software license
so that the work can be improved upon and used by other insurance
companies. One example is Bhutan, they wanted someone to make a
Gnu/Linux system for them that used the tibetan language -- a very
obsure language used by less than a million people. They ask Microsoft
and got an offer of 500,000 usd. So free software consultants did it for
50,000usd. So if you are willing to put the software under a free
license, folks may be willing to do it cheaper since the end result will
benefit more people.
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