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Re: Re: Getting started with Postgres or MySQL

I've been debating whether or not to make a comment on this discussion, but it finally got to me. I think you're being way too hard on MySQL considering the fact that this question originated from the idea of using a database backend for OpenOffice.org. Yeah, I didn't like "MySQL is definitely your best choice" kind of answer with no clear indication as to why MySQL is a better choice in this case, so I'll give a couple of reasons:

(1) MySQL is shown to be faster in a single-user environment than Postgres, especially with complicated SELECT statements

(2) MySQL is a shorter learning curve for new users

If people were just praising and praising MySQL as the best database, I'd be playing devil's advocate because honestly MySQL isn't a serious database for serious database jobs. It's a good database for rapid web development, and for quickies--probably the BEST choice for those things. Yeah, it sucks that MySQL requires an application layer to any system (i.e. you, as the programmer, must provide rules, enforce data integrity, and up until recently even manage your own foreign keys). But if OpenOffice.org works with MySQL, then I'm sure the OOo software has taken care of it.

Let's not go around telling people "you shouldn't use MySQL" or "you shouldn't use Postgres" just because it might not fit what we're doing with OUR databases at any given time.

With that said, I think anyone who is not the most technically inclined and just getting into things should start out by trying MySQL because I think overall you can find a lot better information for it online, and it you don't get bogged down with different schemas. I think anyone who only knows MySQL really needs to start getting into Postgres if they ever intend on making a large database.


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