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Re: Laptop Recommendations?

On Thu, 01 Feb 2007 08:31:23 -0800
Tim Wescott <tim@wescottdesign.com> wrote:

> I need a new laptop, and if possible I want to get one without
> paying  for Windows.
> After looking around the web and asking locally, I've found two
> sources  of laptops that come new with Linux loaded.  One is Linux
> Certified, the  other Emperor Linux.  Linux Certified has
> name-brand laptops (Lenovo) at  very attractive prices.  Emperor
> Linux has rebranded laptops at premium  prices, but they come very
> highly recommended.
> Does anyone have any mileage with either of these vendors?
> Does anyone have any recommendations on a distro to use?  I've got
> Etch  on this machine, and I'm mostly happy with it.  At this
> point I'd like  to stick with something that has similar
> administration issues, but if  there's a distro that's clearly
> better for laptops I'll go with that.
> Does anyone have any recent experience, either good or bad, with
> any  specific laptops?  Should push come to shove I may just put
> the Fry's  website up against the listings in linux-laptop.org and
> find a good  match, but I'm enough of a newbie that I'd like to
> buy from someone  who's put some effort into the selection, first.
> Thanks in advance.
> -- 
> Tim Wescott

This doesn't answer any of your questions, but I'm also looking at
laptops with Linux installed.  I've found a couple of other places:
     System 76 (I've seen some good reviews)
     SWTechnology http://www.swt.com/notebooks.html

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