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Re: System freeze when copying files

On Thu, Feb 01, 2007 at 05:57:53PM +0100, Dan H. wrote:
> Hello,
> whenever I copy large files (1.5GB and up) from one disk to another
> (different physical disks, not just from one partition to another on the
> same disk or within one partition), my system locks up completely. Not
> just X and stuff; the console as well and there's no sshing into the
> box. This happens both when copying between ATA disks and when copying
> from ATA to a portable USB harddisk.
> The bug seems to strike only if actual data is transferred from one disk
> to the other. dd if=/dev/zero bs=1M count=3k of=somefile works just as
> well as dd'ing big files into /dev/null, but dd if=bigfile of=newfile,
> where oldfile and newfile reside on different physical disks crashes the
> machine. It doesn't matter if I use cp or dd for copying.
> There seems to be some jam on the data highways, because when I throttle
> traffic like so:
> cat infile | (while dd count=20000 ; do sleep 1; done) | cat >> outfile
> I can transfer arbitrarily big files.
> Now my question is: For which package do I file a bug? Kernel?

are you sure its not a hardware issue? anything in the logs that
points to the problem? Does it come out of the freeze or do you have
to kill the whole box?


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