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Re: Getting started with Postgres

Never expected to start a flame-war over this.

I need visual tools to set the stuff up and run it and they are not evident.

Actually, the OpenOffice database is not at all bad (except that it imports 
empty spreadsheet items as blanks (NOT EMPTY, NOT NULL). It can be readilly 
queried, reports generated and executes SQL. Maybe I can even create the two 
tables using SQL right there (the GUI has new tables disabled because of the 
linkage below, I suppose).

The database is LINKED to the spreadsheet. In other words, change the 
spreadsheet and the database content has also changed along with querie 
results and report contents. This is cool.

[The main snafu I see is because it accepts both its own and SQL syntax in 
line, LIKE '%*' (find content ending with *) will not work. The resultant SQL 
will be LIKE "%%". Excaping the * does not help. Entering it is the SQL edit 
views does not help--same thing happens :-)]

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