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Bad install experience using Jigdo ISOs

About a month ago I downloaded the Debian Testing CD1+2 using Jigdo. I
have never used Jigdo before this but I liked the concept of what
Jigdo was all about. Everything went off smoothly and I had no errors
while getting these two ISOs.

Today for the first time I tried to install Etch from these two CDs
and everything went well up until installing the base system. During
the base installation there were about 6 or 7 files which the
installer told me were corrupted and this ultimately led to me being
unable to install Debian with these CDs.

As I had already partitioned and formatted the drive in the previous
step I lost everything and now had no OS to install on the machine. In
the end I pulled out an old Ubuntu 6.06 disk I had lying around just
to get the computer up and running.

Now a couple of things bugged me about this which might pose as an
opportunity to improve the whole installation process:-

1. Assuming my ISO was corrupt from using the Jigdo system surely the
installer should have picked this up before I committed to cleaning my
hard drive? Is there not a way for the installer to pre-check the
base-installation package files as a precaution?

2. Prior to installing the base system the installer sets up DHCP
connections which if connected to an Internet connection in theory
would provide the installer with access to the Internet. Assuming all
of this is true would it not make sense for the installer to attempt
to download any corrupt packages from a mirror rather than failing and
leaving a users install un-usable? Later on in the install process you
setup a mirror and the installer downloads packages needed so it seems
silly that it doesn't do the same for corrupted packages.

I'm less upset about the install failing as I am confused. The base
system is the core and anything can be built on top of the base
install which is why there should be failsafe checks in place to try
and prevent a corrupted install. If my CD2 was corrupted I wouldn't
have minded as I would have the base and I could then download the
latest files from the net anyway.

Justin Hartman
PGP Key ID: 102CC123

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