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Re: kernel modules

#include <hallo.h>
* remigio [Mon, Jan 22 2007, 06:30:29AM]:
> boot and dvd-writer problems
> From:
> realelino@tiscali.it
>   To:
> linux-gate@lists.bofh.it
>   Date:
> Today 15:23:25
> Hello,
> I've installed Debian testing 2.6.18-3-486 on a PIV 2.8 GHz equiped
> with a
> dvd-rom and a dvd-writer.
> On bios the dvd drives are both present correctly, but when system
> startup and
> kde is running I can't find the writer: only dvd-rom is visible.
> I tried with wodim -scanbus but writer is not present and k3b says
> "Writer not
> found"
> I tried again on appending "hdc=ide-scsi" in menu.list for scsi

Why? Read /usr/share/doc/wodim/README.ATAPI.setup .


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